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Love is Here – Right Now

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on March 31, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

This photograph was taken in Pasadena as I was holding a stray cat outside of our window. As you can see on their faces…total BETRAYAL. Ouch!

As I write this morning, I find that I am bookended by two enormously loving fuzzballs…aka…gigantic cats. One is on each side of my chair, securely guarding their Mom while oozing mucho protective energy. When I came out of meditation and looked down at this hilarious scene going on by my feet, something pretty profound occurred to me:

I am surrounded by soooooooo much Love. WE ALL ARE.

Miss Demeanor is even touching my chair with her paw, just to make sure that we have some sort of contact. They don’t seem to be moving anytime soon either. I also have the sweetest husband in the world who brought me a hot cup of green tea so when my eyes opened after meditation, it would be waiting for me. What an angel. I am so Blessed.

Think about this. Do you know or even realize how much Love is surrounding you every single day of your life? We become so busy and immersed in our hectic daily lives that we forget what is right in front of our face. Are you aware of your physical angels in this life? You know, those who are there for you no matter what. Is there someone right in front of your face whom you know loves you to pieces but they’re always there so you don’t even think about it? If so…today is your day to tell them.

Every moment is an opportunity to give and receive Love.

Who’s in your life that could use some Love today?

Maybe it’s Yourself….ohhhhhh, that’s a good one. Yes, YOU. If this resonates with your soul, then what are you going to do for yourself today? It doesn’t have to be earth shattering or time consuming. It could be a meditative walk, a pedicure or taking the time to read a chapter of your favorite book. Perhaps it could be paying an overdue bill, doing some de-cluttering or calling up an old friend for some reminiscing and laughs. Whatever feels Good and loving, decide to do it for your sweet self, TODAY.

Hey, why not?

Today is all we’ve got.

Love it up, ya’ll!


The Beauty of Now

Posted in Streaming Spirit Messages with tags , , , , on February 13, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

The picture above is one I took recently on an afternoon hike. The beauty of it all gives me goosebumps, everytime.

The verse below came through me after meditation this morning. I could keep it to myself, but maybe this is what you needed to hear today too?


Go forth, little one. Seek and ye shall find. Everything you are looking for is here, diguised by a thin veil of illusion. It’s all here for you. Only look for the Good…in everyone and everything. This is where your salvation lies. Raise your chin, feel the beauty of you and then bathe in the beauty that’s all around you.

Listen to the birds’ lullabies of love. They are singing to you and telling you to rejoice! For life is here, right now. And it is beautiful.

Open yourself up and drink it all in.

This is your Heaven.

Back to the Present

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 10, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

Check in with your mind. Right here. Right now. What’s going on in there? Thinking about tomorrow? Or next week? Or next year? Or anytime besides right NOW? If you are, here is a friendly reminder that it’s time to get BACK TO THE PRESENT!

If you are venturing into far and distant lands, are you finding much value in that? Notice what feelings are coming up when you go there. Is it anxiety? Fear? Doubt? Worry? If so, this is most likely a familiar place of being. You’ve probably been doing this for most of your life. If so, who cares? If the Present moment is all we have, then what difference does it make what we’ve been doing in the past? Awareness is the first step. If you are aware of what is pulling you out of your glorious Present, then that is a big huge GIFT.  So many times, it’s because we are projecting into the future. And hey, guess what…there is no future! (That’s right ego, there’s not, so HA!)

A very helpful way to come back to the Present, is connecting to the breath. When we meditate and focus on the breath, it is literally impossible to have a thought. For those incredibly busy monkey minds out there, no thoughts = HEAVEN.  No thoughts = Relief. No thoughts = an empty Vessel ready for Spirit’s voice. Ahhhhh, this is where the good stuff lives and the birthing place of all Creation. Can you stand it?

Keep a pad and a pen near your meditation spot. For it is imperative to have these tools immediately accessible to record all of your realizations, creative ideas, and guidance from Spirit. If we don’t, the surface mind will happily do it’s job of convincing us that those weren’t really great ideas anyway and chop, chop…it’s time to get a move on. Just tell your oh-so-unhelpful ego to shove a bun in it and then take your time bringing your awareness back into the room. Access deep Gratitude for your life and for all of the beauty happening on this planet. Then, put your smile on and go forth into your new found Awareness.

You are the LIGHT.

Now go spread it around!

With deepest Gratitude,