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Heaven is Where Your Feet Are

Posted in Streaming Spirit Messages with tags , , , , , , on April 21, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

Here is a slice of Heaven that my heart was led to find this week. I’m so glad I listened!

A Streaming Spirit Message for You:

Dear One,

Be discerning with your energy – – – choose carefully where you choose to place it, for it is precious

Trust that none of what is happening is by accident

Everything is unfolding for your Highest Good

Right Here. Right Now.

Open up your mind to receive your Good

Let go of the need to “know” what your life is going to look like

Bless the way it is Today

Allow room for joyful unexpected blessings!

Follow your heart and create the life you so desire

Be open to your desires changing and changing quickly

Speak your Truth with confidence and conviction

For that is Me, beaming through you

Create your own slice of Heaven with every step you take

Your Divine Appointment is to spread the Light with reckless abandon

Release the trappings of your mind to the wind

For all that truly matters is Love

Give it away and enjoy the magical unfolding of your Life

Be not afraid to walk the road less travelled

For I am with you, Always, in every way.

And so it is.


Paradise is a Choice

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on April 12, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

Wow! This morning is so phenomenally beautiful. Just another day in Paradise…isn’t it? The birds are singing, the sun is beaming, the Heavenly scents of blooming flowers are wafting through the air and we have infinite resources at our fingertips. Oh, and people are Good. At least that’s what I’m choosing to focus on today. Cuz that just feels Good and brings even more Good stuff our way.

Hey, the fact that we woke up at all is a very telling thing. I’m thinkin’ that means that something higher than ourselves still wants us here. There’s still a Divine Appointment that we’re meant to keep. We’ve still got work to do…or actually, there’s still play time to experience.

If your moment by moment existence is not exactly Heavenly then perhaps today is the day to make a shift towards the reality that you desire. Just doing one thing differently on this gorgeous day could spin you in a whole other direction.

Used to eating a lot of sugar everyday? Choose again. No time for exercise? Choose to make some. Feeling weighed down by an old habit of negative thinking? Choose to see the positive sides of things instead. Break the cycle of the old way of doing things. One little step is all it takes. Afraid to take that class for fear of blah, blah, blah? Just freakin’ sign up already!

When we want something, that something wants you. It is put there – ON PURPOSE – by Spirit. And who the heck are we to dis Spirit? Helllllllooooooo. How our desires fulfill themselves is none of our business! We do not have to know the how. We just have to take a step towards our Joy and see what happens next. Our silent partner has more ways of bringing our Good to us that we even know.  Ahhhhh, what a relief. And yes, we CAN actually trust this. Trust is, after all, a choice.

Hey, here’s a radical thought to think today: The Universe is always conspiring for my Good.

Check in with your sweet self. How does that thought feel?

Or what about this one: I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with fabulous INCREASE. (Yeah! Now we’re talkin’!)

Why not think something different today? Spring represents new beginnings, so now is the perfect time.

Well, that’s what I have to say this morning.

Now…I’m off to experience Paradise.

Care to join me?

Light Vs. Dark – Where Do You Go?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on March 23, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

This view was absolutely breathtaking this morning. What an awesome way to wake up…with a heart full of Gratitude.

With all of the um, ‘interesting’, things happening on our planet right now, we are being given a plethora of opportunities to choose what we’re going to focus on. When you look at this picture, where do you automatically focus? Do you think about a storm or bad weather that might be on the way? Do you lean towards the light and see the good that is bursting into existence? Maybe you might notice the stark contrast and that illicits immense Gratitude for both?

There is no right or wrong here. It’s just a great opportunity to become aware, once again, of our vision and what we’re choosing to see. Immediately after taking the picture, a pretty inspiring thing happened. I was standing in the midst of a glorious symphony of birdie voices. Joyous birdies were chirping, singing and hopping around happily. Then out of nowhere came loud sirens at the exact same time.

It became incredibly apparent to me that at that moment I had a choice. Wanting peace and beauty, I chose to focus on the light-the joy-the symphony-the Heaven. This put me in a space of total bliss and high vibration, despite the contradicting background noise. It literally felt like I was in another dimension…in between two worlds. When I chose the peace filled world…at that very moment… all sounds of sirens ceased. Hell dissipated instantly. There were no sirens to be heard. There weren’t even trailing siren sounds wafting off in the far distance. Instant peace.

It makes me think, once again, about what would happen on the planet if all of us focused on the Good things happening?

There’s a new world waiting to be discovered, celebrated and savored.

THIS is the new paradigm.

Let the sun shine. Let the sun shine in…

The Beauty of Now

Posted in Streaming Spirit Messages with tags , , , , on February 13, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

The picture above is one I took recently on an afternoon hike. The beauty of it all gives me goosebumps, everytime.

The verse below came through me after meditation this morning. I could keep it to myself, but maybe this is what you needed to hear today too?


Go forth, little one. Seek and ye shall find. Everything you are looking for is here, diguised by a thin veil of illusion. It’s all here for you. Only look for the Good…in everyone and everything. This is where your salvation lies. Raise your chin, feel the beauty of you and then bathe in the beauty that’s all around you.

Listen to the birds’ lullabies of love. They are singing to you and telling you to rejoice! For life is here, right now. And it is beautiful.

Open yourself up and drink it all in.

This is your Heaven.