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Happy Easter!

Posted in Streaming Spirit Messages with tags , , , , , on March 27, 2016 by Amy Kay Raymond

Easter is here.

New beginnings – – – Now!
Birdees serenading their high vibrational coded melodies
Infused with wisdom-comfort-passion
Fulfilling their purpose
Piercing the souls of those who can hear

Direct gifts from the Universe
Intentionally wafting about
Hoping to be caught and savored

The canvas of this new moment
Soft white
Giggling with anticipation
Eager to experience our perfectly imperfect versions
Of whatever makes our hearts sing

Life whispers
Heyyyyyy, why don’t you live me a little?
Or rather, dance with me a lot
I’m not around forever, ya know
Nor are the players who are dancing with you
Enjoy me while I’m here
You’ll be happy you did
Kick the tires
Get dirty
Tear it up
For these are the Good Ole Days

Faith filled tears wash away any tiny remnants of misplaced doubt
Heart wide open to the beautiful mystical plan
Arms stretched up to the sky
Soul Grateful for the wild ride

Thank you, life.





Healed of Strep in 1 Day – WITHOUT Antibiotics

Posted in Alternative Health Therapies with tags , , , , , , , on June 27, 2015 by Amy Kay Raymond


As an adult, I don’t get strep throat. Ever. Probably the last time I had it was when I was very little, and even then I really don’t remember the word “strep,” being bandied around our house. It was usually just a sore throat from what I now know was repressed emotions…just begging to be expressed. However, we didn’t know this back then, so I’d just take another round of antibiotics and the pain would clear up, temporarily, until the next round of unexpressed emotions would bubble up.

However, this past June 3rd -June 17th, I had a fiery burning sore throat and immense fatigue that just would not go away. Oh, it got a little better and turned from fiery to a “low grade” sore throat, but it was still there. In the background. Lingering.

Finally, I decided to haul my sick booty (I was still managing to work, though I have no idea how) to my herbalist who muscle tested me to see which herbs my body was craving. I sell these herbs, but I wasn’t sure which ones would be the most beneficial. By this time, I had lost all objectivity and just needed to know what to do. The muscle testing revealed that my body desperately wanted two different blends of herbs to support lung and respiratory health, by Nature’s Sunshine. I bought them and immediately gulped them down, expecting the best possible outcome.

But the main thing that my body was calling out for was a natural antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiprotozoal essential oil…TEA TREA OIL. We muscle tested me for that and she could not believe how strong my body’s response was to wanting it. I was told to rub it on the bottom of my feet, which I do with a variety of other oils from time to time, rest and repeat. I did just that…once again, expecting the best outcome.

That afternoon, late in the day, I had an appointment with one of my close friends who’s also a chiropractor. He heals allergies, uses kinesiology, orthopedic, blood and simple saliva tests to arrive at a diagnosis. I tested positive for strep, which I could not believe. “I don’t get strep!,” I kept repeating emphatically. I asked him if he would muscle test me to see if my body needed a traditional antibiotic. It kept saying, “NO.” Whaaaaa?!? He continued to adjust me to heal the respiratory issues associated with the strep and before I walked out the door he asked, “Do you take Liposomal Vitamin C?” This question, in turn, saved my arse. He continued to tell me that his friend cured himself of Aids by swigging this stuff. Jeez…how on earth could I not try that?

That night I swigged the Non Gmo Liposomal Vitamin C (3 yummy tasting teaspoons full over the course of 6 hours, even though he said to only take a third of a teaspoon) and I rubbed the Tea Tree Oil on the bottom of my feet and on my neck where my glands were swollen for several different rounds.

The next morning, my sore throat was GONE. Completely GONE. I decided to rest for the next couple of days so as to not relapse, but by the weekend, all I had left to do was lay low and recover my strength.

Tea Tree Oil (do NOT ingest orally), Non Gmo Liposomal Vitamin C and two combinations of respiratory herbs did the trick!

I’ve read that once your body has been treated with traditional antibiotics, then all the times that you get sick after that, it’s waiting for the antibiotic in order to heal. A vicious cycle, indeed. One that Big Pharma LOVES.

A cycle that I implore you to stop.

This, I consider to be one of the biggest successes one can achieve in their entire lifetime.

One moment at a time…:-)

In Love, Light and Perfect Health –


Life Happens – Suffering is Optional

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on April 25, 2011 by Amy Kay Raymond

Walking towards the Light.

Up, down, around, backwards, belly up, upside down, sideways. Weeeeeeee! Yep, such is this thing called Life.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, this journey can be quite a trip. There are so many unexpected and expected twists and turns. The laughable thing is that we try to plan for them, protect ourself from them, guesstimate when things are going to happen – if they ever even do, and often we even take huge unnecessary precautions to try and safeguard ourselves from the inevitable…pain. How long we experience the pain, now that’s up to us entirely. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude certainly is a huge gift to ourselves and everyone else around us. Gratitude dissipates so much of the pain, instantly.

One sure thing about life is it’s unpredictability. Having a strong and balanced body, mind and spirit definitely provides a solid foundation for when life takes it’s turns. Freeing ourselves of addictions – physically, mentally and emotionally – is such a huge part of our work here on the planet. Shedding all that is not vibrant, loving, peaceful and compassionate inside of ourselves will definitely propel us faster and farther along the Spiritual path.

One addiction that is viral on planet Earth = suffering. We are so creative! We are brilliant masters of this pain game. We have cultivated countless ways of suffering…so many, it’s hard to even count. Our systems can somehow tolerate gigantic amounts of misery because we are so used to it. Shockingly enough, we don’t even realize most of the time that we are suffering. Our tolerance for the blues has simply become the norm. The question is why are we tolerating when we could be beaming with joy?

Suffering alert: If you feel icky more than you feel Joyful, then you might have an addiction to suffering.  

Here’s a fun an interesting challenge: Notice today what emotional path you are going down the most. Then notice once you’ve gone down the given path if you are choosing to camp out there or move on. Is your usual path one of  Joy or is it one of Suffering? Refrain from self judgements about this. That’s just more suffering. Just notice.

Becoming aware of what we emanate the most is key to expanding and shifting our consciousness. If your dominant intent is to feel Good, then look for things that make you feel Good. Taking in nature, beauty, hanging out with joyful people, contributing your gifts and talents, giving and receiving love, etc… These thing have a way of upping our feel Good factor quickly.

Doh! Stop the misery train! Refrain from indulging the ego in that negative conversation. Turn off the toxic “news.” Stop checking out that accident that’s holding up traffic. Halt any habitual obsessing about the past, present or future. Connect to the present moment and take in all of it’s wonders. When we do this, that’s when we are going to attract the Good stuff. When we feel Good, we are vibrating with our higher power. Feeling Good = Attracting Good stuff. Always.

Hey, be easy on yourself!  You’ve probably been operating, like most of us, a certain way for a very long time. It takes a vision, some time and determined effort to switch over to the path of Light. Once you start practicing feeling Good, it will become your new habit. Your new way of being. 

And when you hit a bump of suffering, you can remember: Hey, wait…this suffering stuff is Optional!

One smile at a time.

Enjoy the journey.

It’s why we’re here!



Love is Here – Right Now

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This photograph was taken in Pasadena as I was holding a stray cat outside of our window. As you can see on their faces…total BETRAYAL. Ouch!

As I write this morning, I find that I am bookended by two enormously loving fuzzballs…aka…gigantic cats. One is on each side of my chair, securely guarding their Mom while oozing mucho protective energy. When I came out of meditation and looked down at this hilarious scene going on by my feet, something pretty profound occurred to me:

I am surrounded by soooooooo much Love. WE ALL ARE.

Miss Demeanor is even touching my chair with her paw, just to make sure that we have some sort of contact. They don’t seem to be moving anytime soon either. I also have the sweetest husband in the world who brought me a hot cup of green tea so when my eyes opened after meditation, it would be waiting for me. What an angel. I am so Blessed.

Think about this. Do you know or even realize how much Love is surrounding you every single day of your life? We become so busy and immersed in our hectic daily lives that we forget what is right in front of our face. Are you aware of your physical angels in this life? You know, those who are there for you no matter what. Is there someone right in front of your face whom you know loves you to pieces but they’re always there so you don’t even think about it? If so…today is your day to tell them.

Every moment is an opportunity to give and receive Love.

Who’s in your life that could use some Love today?

Maybe it’s Yourself….ohhhhhh, that’s a good one. Yes, YOU. If this resonates with your soul, then what are you going to do for yourself today? It doesn’t have to be earth shattering or time consuming. It could be a meditative walk, a pedicure or taking the time to read a chapter of your favorite book. Perhaps it could be paying an overdue bill, doing some de-cluttering or calling up an old friend for some reminiscing and laughs. Whatever feels Good and loving, decide to do it for your sweet self, TODAY.

Hey, why not?

Today is all we’ve got.

Love it up, ya’ll!

Light Vs. Dark – Where Do You Go?

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This view was absolutely breathtaking this morning. What an awesome way to wake up…with a heart full of Gratitude.

With all of the um, ‘interesting’, things happening on our planet right now, we are being given a plethora of opportunities to choose what we’re going to focus on. When you look at this picture, where do you automatically focus? Do you think about a storm or bad weather that might be on the way? Do you lean towards the light and see the good that is bursting into existence? Maybe you might notice the stark contrast and that illicits immense Gratitude for both?

There is no right or wrong here. It’s just a great opportunity to become aware, once again, of our vision and what we’re choosing to see. Immediately after taking the picture, a pretty inspiring thing happened. I was standing in the midst of a glorious symphony of birdie voices. Joyous birdies were chirping, singing and hopping around happily. Then out of nowhere came loud sirens at the exact same time.

It became incredibly apparent to me that at that moment I had a choice. Wanting peace and beauty, I chose to focus on the light-the joy-the symphony-the Heaven. This put me in a space of total bliss and high vibration, despite the contradicting background noise. It literally felt like I was in another dimension…in between two worlds. When I chose the peace filled world…at that very moment… all sounds of sirens ceased. Hell dissipated instantly. There were no sirens to be heard. There weren’t even trailing siren sounds wafting off in the far distance. Instant peace.

It makes me think, once again, about what would happen on the planet if all of us focused on the Good things happening?

There’s a new world waiting to be discovered, celebrated and savored.

THIS is the new paradigm.

Let the sun shine. Let the sun shine in…

Back to the Present

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Check in with your mind. Right here. Right now. What’s going on in there? Thinking about tomorrow? Or next week? Or next year? Or anytime besides right NOW? If you are, here is a friendly reminder that it’s time to get BACK TO THE PRESENT!

If you are venturing into far and distant lands, are you finding much value in that? Notice what feelings are coming up when you go there. Is it anxiety? Fear? Doubt? Worry? If so, this is most likely a familiar place of being. You’ve probably been doing this for most of your life. If so, who cares? If the Present moment is all we have, then what difference does it make what we’ve been doing in the past? Awareness is the first step. If you are aware of what is pulling you out of your glorious Present, then that is a big huge GIFT.  So many times, it’s because we are projecting into the future. And hey, guess what…there is no future! (That’s right ego, there’s not, so HA!)

A very helpful way to come back to the Present, is connecting to the breath. When we meditate and focus on the breath, it is literally impossible to have a thought. For those incredibly busy monkey minds out there, no thoughts = HEAVEN.  No thoughts = Relief. No thoughts = an empty Vessel ready for Spirit’s voice. Ahhhhh, this is where the good stuff lives and the birthing place of all Creation. Can you stand it?

Keep a pad and a pen near your meditation spot. For it is imperative to have these tools immediately accessible to record all of your realizations, creative ideas, and guidance from Spirit. If we don’t, the surface mind will happily do it’s job of convincing us that those weren’t really great ideas anyway and chop, chop…it’s time to get a move on. Just tell your oh-so-unhelpful ego to shove a bun in it and then take your time bringing your awareness back into the room. Access deep Gratitude for your life and for all of the beauty happening on this planet. Then, put your smile on and go forth into your new found Awareness.

You are the LIGHT.

Now go spread it around!

With deepest Gratitude,