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Helloooooo Universe? Why Exactly Am I Here?

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With so much going on in our big beautiful world today, this question above seems to be on the minds of many – weighing down the hearts and souls of some really sweet and amazing peeps.

So for the sake of kicks and giggles, can we just wholeheartedly agree to blast to smithereens this old idea that we must have some big purpose on this earth in order to live joyfully here? Please? This is some insane pressure that we’re putting on ourselves, folks. The immense suffering that comes with the belief that we must have a major purpose in order to be here, is self-defeating in every possible way.

The idea that we must KNOW what our purpose for being here is and that we must figure it all out right now, can seem so vast, heady, overwhelming and completely depressing. To make matters more intense, the blessed ego LOVES to chime in to this misery-fest and bring us down using all of it’s crafty ‘compare and despair’ tactics. Maybe some of these voices sound familiar: “Look at what so and so is doing, you should be doing that. If you’d just drastically change your entire life, then everything would be much better. You need to do something BIG, and then you would really help solve the world’s problems. You could have it all, if you just….lose 20 pounds, wake up earlier and get more done, make more money, put yourself out there more, become a better networker, work harder, join that club, get the Botox, overcome all of your fears by Friday, get in with “those” people, marry a totally different person and change yourself in every possible way because you are so completely lost and broken, etc…

The good news is that this is our programming and it is not real, UNLESS we believe it. Since we popped out of the womb, we have heard these ideas echoing back to us and they can make us feel quite inferior. The idea that we’re surely supposed to have a real, solid, concrete purpose in this world is a fallacy. This notion that we are worthless without a purpose and therefore shouldn’t be here goes against the very nature of our being. It is our Divine birthright to be here, period. If we believe anything else, then we are totally disrespecting the I AM of us all. The bottom line is that we are ENOUGH without “doing” anything.

So maybe life might feel joyful again if we shift our focus from wondering what our purpose is, to pondering ‘what makes us feel good?’

Feel good options:

Experiencing beauty and grace in the world and letting nature refuel our souls.

Bring people together and celebrate what’s right with the world.

Laugh! Dance! Sing! Try something new!

Stare out the window, stop thinking and get your daydreams on.

Walk barefoot on the earth and bask in the birdee’s sweet lullabies.

Help save the planet by signing one petition at a time.

Pick up the phone once a day and reach out to someone you love. They probably need it.

Pay it forward, with gusto.

Love yourself more so you can love others fully and completely.

Connect to your heart and follow it’s sacred guidance.


What could be better than that?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having goals to work towards and setting our intentions for what we desire in our lives. That’s what helps us get things done. However, if we are feeling worthless because of some archaic idea that we must have a big “purpose” in this life in order to exist, then maybe it’s time for a check in.

Take a few deep breaths, connect to the Present and celebrate your brilliance by affirming out loud,  “I AM enough, just as I AM and I deserve to be here.”

And so it is.

And so you do.






Feel Good Now – The Sky’s The Limit!

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Expansion of Consciousness alert!

This just in from the front lines of Operation Transformation 2011

It’s no secret that many of our greatest spiritual teachers today are talking about our thoughts and how important it is to be aware of what we’re thinking. It’s said that if we don’t like our current reality, we need to change our thoughts. However, during these 3 years of vigilantly exercising this wisdom, a piece of the puzzle has been missing for me.  My mind is well aware of the truth that our thoughts create our feelings. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to change my thoughts if my mind is going a million miles an hour. Where to begin?

First of all, it is important to remember that we have behaved certain ways our entire lives and these behaviors have formed patterns. Then boom! All of a sudden we learn something reality shattering that totally contradicts everything we’ve ever known. We learn that we don’t have to believe our thoughts. WHAT A CONCEPT! A thought is just a thought until we believe it. Only then it becomes a belief. Our thoughts are just…thoughts. If you don’t like what you’re thinking, change your thought.

I wrestled this whole concept to the ground on most days and it became apparent to me that I was the classic flip flopper. Some days I was successful during certain moments and on other days, I felt completely overwhelmed and unequipped to create my own happiness. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing the wisdom that can propel us out of hell, but not being able to apply it because of…well, we don’t freakin’ know why!

I worked this whole new ideology inside and out, up, backwards and down. The word “worked” should of been my first clue. There wasn’t a lot of play involved. I was very intent about getting this whole thing “right.” In other words…I was trying wayyyyy too hard. I knew something was off by observing my external reality: My Life. I could not make this ideology work consistently and my life reflected that.  Up, down. Up, down. I couldn’t get happy by simply changing my thoughts. At least, I couldn’t STAY happy. However, now I think by trial and trial, I have finally figured out the key. This is a moment-at-a-time Spiritual practice. Let me also say this: MASSIVE self discipline is required.


The thoughts create the feelings, clearly. But rather than trying to change all of our zillions of thoughts, do this: Pay attention to the FEELINGS that your thoughts are generating.

If you feel off the mark, which is what ‘sin’ means, literally…when you think or express a certain thought…change it.  STOP TALKING. Stop telling that horrible story. Stop that complaint that so badly wants to be heard. Stop watching the news. Stop talking about what you don’t want to happen. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else on the planet. Bite your tongue, pinch your wrist or do whatever you have to do.

Next order of business: latch onto another thought…a thought that makes you feel Good. It doesn’t matter what it is or how you get there. It can be recalling a joyful memory. It can be savoring the amazing smells wafting through the air at that exact moment. Try talking about what you DO want to manifest in your life and why! Or simply connect to your breath and be Grateful that you have the ability to breathe and breathe deep at that. Anything that gets you from point B – the icky feeling, back to point A – the feeling that just feels Good. No one has to know your process. It’s nobody’s business what gets you back to Heaven…only yours.

I am no spiritual master, obviously. Heyyyy, wait. Delete that thought. Saying that instantly made my energy go down. Believing that made me feel like I’ve got a longgggggg way to go. Take two: I am a Master in the making. Yes! There it is. Hey, why not? My vibration was instantly raised by thinking that thought.

What thought feels Good for YOU to think right now?

Are you willing to allow yourself to feel Good?

Come on…you deserve it.

Oops, there it is!

“Be Boldly Brilliant” – Whaaaaa???

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So let’s crack this thought wide open. The title of this blog is “Be Boldly Brilliant.” Okayyyyyy. What exactly does that mean to you? If you are thinking that being boldly brilliant means that you have to do something incredibly extraordinary and unique in this life or else you don’t deserve to be on the planet, think again. That would be brilliantly WRONG.

Oh, I’ve had this thought and this entire talk with myself many many times, don’t you worry. That’s exactly why I can write about it. So often my ego wants to put in it’s one million cents and scream, “Hey lady, what earth shattering thing did you accomplish today? Huhhhhh???” If I listen to that hell-based voice, then I’m doomed. It’s all down hill from that moment on. That old frame of mind of comparing and despairing spirals us immediately into endless guilt, shame and self doubt. What a hellacious place to live. It is in this moment that we must reply, “Thank you for sharing, but I’m doing my very best and I am going to feel Good right now, thank you very much. I AM enough, without doing jack. Got it? ” (so bite it, maestro!)

So just to clarify…being boldly brilliant does NOT mean that you have to be the next hot ticket on Oprah or be the next Youtube sensation. It simply means that shining your own individual brilliance, however you choose to shine on, is perfect…and it IS absolutely changing the world.

Brilliance personified: sharing your radiant smile, being generous with your hugs, writing that long overdue sweet note and popping in snail mail, following your heart’s guidance, taking leaps of courage, forgiving yourself and anyone you have not forgiven yet, setting a goal and going for it even if you have no idea how it’s going to happen, loving in new and creative ways, taking the first step to create a new friendship, doing the thing you think you can not do, jumping off of that bad boy cliff and LEAPING, etc…

Get it? The possibilities are endless.

All it takes is:  one. little. word.