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Happy Easter!

Posted in Streaming Spirit Messages with tags , , , , , on March 27, 2016 by Amy Kay Raymond

Easter is here.

New beginnings – – – Now!
Birdees serenading their high vibrational coded melodies
Infused with wisdom-comfort-passion
Fulfilling their purpose
Piercing the souls of those who can hear

Direct gifts from the Universe
Intentionally wafting about
Hoping to be caught and savored

The canvas of this new moment
Soft white
Giggling with anticipation
Eager to experience our perfectly imperfect versions
Of whatever makes our hearts sing

Life whispers
Heyyyyyy, why don’t you live me a little?
Or rather, dance with me a lot
I’m not around forever, ya know
Nor are the players who are dancing with you
Enjoy me while I’m here
You’ll be happy you did
Kick the tires
Get dirty
Tear it up
For these are the Good Ole Days

Faith filled tears wash away any tiny remnants of misplaced doubt
Heart wide open to the beautiful mystical plan
Arms stretched up to the sky
Soul Grateful for the wild ride

Thank you, life.