Healed of Strep in 1 Day – WITHOUT Antibiotics


As an adult, I don’t get strep throat. Ever. Probably the last time I had it was when I was very little, and even then I really don’t remember the word “strep,” being bandied around our house. It was usually just a sore throat from what I now know was repressed emotions…just begging to be expressed. However, we didn’t know this back then, so I’d just take another round of antibiotics and the pain would clear up, temporarily, until the next round of unexpressed emotions would bubble up.

However, this past June 3rd -June 17th, I had a fiery burning sore throat and immense fatigue that just would not go away. Oh, it got a little better and turned from fiery to a “low grade” sore throat, but it was still there. In the background. Lingering.

Finally, I decided to haul my sick booty (I was still managing to work, though I have no idea how) to my herbalist who muscle tested me to see which herbs my body was craving. I sell these herbs, but I wasn’t sure which ones would be the most beneficial. By this time, I had lost all objectivity and just needed to know what to do. The muscle testing revealed that my body desperately wanted two different blends of herbs to support lung and respiratory health, by Nature’s Sunshine. I bought them and immediately gulped them down, expecting the best possible outcome.

But the main thing that my body was calling out for was a natural antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiprotozoal essential oil…TEA TREA OIL. We muscle tested me for that and she could not believe how strong my body’s response was to wanting it. I was told to rub it on the bottom of my feet, which I do with a variety of other oils from time to time, rest and repeat. I did just that…once again, expecting the best outcome.

That afternoon, late in the day, I had an appointment with one of my close friends who’s also a chiropractor. He heals allergies, uses kinesiology, orthopedic, blood and simple saliva tests to arrive at a diagnosis. I tested positive for strep, which I could not believe. “I don’t get strep!,” I kept repeating emphatically. I asked him if he would muscle test me to see if my body needed a traditional antibiotic. It kept saying, “NO.” Whaaaaa?!? He continued to adjust me to heal the respiratory issues associated with the strep and before I walked out the door he asked, “Do you take Liposomal Vitamin C?” This question, in turn, saved my arse. He continued to tell me that his friend cured himself of Aids by swigging this stuff. Jeez…how on earth could I not try that?

That night I swigged the Non Gmo Liposomal Vitamin C (3 yummy tasting teaspoons full over the course of 6 hours, even though he said to only take a third of a teaspoon) and I rubbed the Tea Tree Oil on the bottom of my feet and on my neck where my glands were swollen for several different rounds.

The next morning, my sore throat was GONE. Completely GONE. I decided to rest for the next couple of days so as to not relapse, but by the weekend, all I had left to do was lay low and recover my strength.

Tea Tree Oil (do NOT ingest orally), Non Gmo Liposomal Vitamin C and two combinations of respiratory herbs did the trick!

I’ve read that once your body has been treated with traditional antibiotics, then all the times that you get sick after that, it’s waiting for the antibiotic in order to heal. A vicious cycle, indeed. One that Big Pharma LOVES.

A cycle that I implore you to stop.

This, I consider to be one of the biggest successes one can achieve in their entire lifetime.

One moment at a time…:-)

In Love, Light and Perfect Health –



One Response to “Healed of Strep in 1 Day – WITHOUT Antibiotics”

  1. I will forward this to nick . He turned me on to the liposomal vit c.

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