Worry Much? Just Say “NO!”

Are you one who tends to err on the worrying side of life? Or are you one to dip into the ole worry worry jar even occasionally? I find myself falling into this old annoying habit from time to time and it just feels awful. My conscious mind knows better than to indulge in this insanity, but sometimes it feels as though I am being sucked directly into the ole gloomy glooms.

REWIND: Last night. 12:30 a.m. For some odd reason, it was taking me awhile to fall asleep. (A rarity, I promise you.) It quickly became annoyingly obvious that my mind was adamantly looking for something to do. Argggggghhhhh! I wanted to go to sleep, not engage in a plethora of incredibly useless and worrisome thoughts. I even had the thought that I should get up and write. I talked myself pretty easily out of that one. Well, it’s no surprise that my ole monkey mind finally figured out something that it does really well: worrying. Oh we scaled many topics together and each of them had horrendously scary outcomes.  So with each subject that was being hemmed and hawed over, the sane part of me started to carve out a pathway to the Light side.

“NO,” the Light side declared.

Yep, that’s all it took. Every time my mind would start to go onto another freakishly terrifying thought or outcome, I would instantly and firmly say, “NO.” Voila. The worry would go away IMMEDIATELY and I would be instantly catapulted into the Present moment.  No ifs, ands or buts. Now that was for THAT worry. My obedient mind would obey my command and then – – –  creatively find another lovely topic to worry about. Once again, I would adamantly declare,“NO.” Poof, again. Peace. The amazing thing is that after each “NO,” this huge feeling of relief would waft over me and I was all of a sudden bathing in some incredible Zen-like energy. Wow, this “NO” stuff was working. I couldn’t help but think, “That was so…easy. All I had to say was NO?”

I should of thought of this a long time ago.


11 Responses to “Worry Much? Just Say “NO!””

  1. Wonderful! Thank you!

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    In my own experience(s), there are (at least) two ‘minds’ at work in my head . . . the mind I require to recall, process and prioritize my conscious decisions/choices (based on my life’s experiences) . . . and the mind that provides me abundant permutations of “what if”, influenced by the levels of hope, fear and conscience that I’ve used in influencing the various outcomes eventuated in my first mind’s recorded library.

    I’ve noticed that during that time on the pillow, just before sleep, that my two minds can sometimes carry on a tug-o-war that uses a rope made up of imagination amplifying self-judgement, doubt and/or ambivalence.

    I think that when I choose to accept my choices as being “what is” (as opposed to my negative imagination’s “what if”), then I feel so much more confident in releasing both ends of that rope in favor of the inner peace borne of being able to release that which is not what or who I am, or strive to be.

    Though I have often used the very effective “No!” in turning the tide in favor of a more relaxed sense of self, I will generally invite the reliability I’ve found in trusting my intuition (to often effectively mediate the outcome of that tug-o-war), by injecting words my sense of self’s confidence has historically and familiarly used to keep me moving forward against that sometimes unruly second mind’s attempted mischievous influences.

    So, I generally follow my stop-gap “No!” with . . .”That’s absolute bullshit ! ”

    A little rough and certainly all Texan, but hey, I tend to sleep better and (then) start my days quite a bit more inspired and energetic.

    As a matter of fact, it usually works so well, that I often pay homage to it’s effectiveness . . . by “shoveling it” at least once or twice that very next, more confident day.

    Okay, that’s gonna happen anyway, regardless of what happened the night before. That’s a Texan thing, too . . . or so I’ve heard (repeatedly), anyway.

    • Amy Kay Raymond Says:

      Ohhhh yes. If need be, I’m definitely going to add…”That’s absolute bullshit!” Thank you for that priceless Texan gold gem. And as for you “shoveling it,”…you are one of my greatest teachers on that front. I owe all of my creative “shoveling it” skills to you, J. :^) I love you!

  3. Norma Raymond Says:

    What did I ever do to be given the gift of these two briliant chidren? And they are just 2 of my 5 amazing teachers – the other 3 are my childten as well. A.K. and Jay, I love you beyond measure.

    • Aw, shucks . . .
      I’m fairly certain none of us would be who we are . . . or so clear about what we want for the world and it’s future, without you as our #1 teacher and friend!
      My love for you needs no words, but I’ll say it anyway because I’m a little verbal. . .
      I love you too !

    • Amy Kay Raymond Says:

      You said the mighty YES to having us, raising us with unconditional LOVE and teaching us all the brilliant wisdom from your gorgeous heart and soul. Because of you, we know how to LOVE…bigger and bolder than we ever would have without your presence in our lives. You are our Inspiration and our Divine teacher, forever and ever. THANK YOU!!!!

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