A New Day!

Autumn is officially here – thank Heavens! – with all of it’s encompassing charms that are ready to bless us faithfully, once again. Beauty and change are happening externally on our planet and within all of us, individually, as our own unique imprints. It’s time to slow down. Reflect. Renew. Begin again. Soak up the autumnal beauty and receive all of the Good that’s waiting to shower us – one miracle at a time. It’s time to get ourselves ready for the new autumn light. Soft. Sweet. Muted. Beautiful. 

This photograph is an entire metaphysical book in itself. Check out those thick dark storm clouds. Are these familiar in your life? Go within and reflect. Might you be harboring any dark and heavy thought patterns that are weighing you down and stopping your Flow? Do you tend to know in your heart that there is always light behind the clouds? Or does it feel impossible to see the light even though it’s there? Are you WILLING to see your pink lining of possibilities? And if you don’t notice your possibilities right off the bat, are you willing to look for them? Where is your habitual focus? Is it on what’s not happening or is it on your desire that you would like to manifest?

What are your dark clouds? Certain destructive thoughts about others or yourself? Old habits that are growing you old before your time? Self limitations that simply are not the truth? Perhaps looking at the clouds from a different perspective might provide some relief. Investigate your perception of the “darkness.” Maybe it’s not even really darkness. What a concept! Maybe whatever is happening right now is really GOOD. Find the beauty in whatever is happening in the moment and glob onto it. For this is what IS. Divine Order unfolding as it should. 

As it was meant to be.

Happy Autumn~






10 Responses to “A New Day!”

  1. Wonderful! You are a daily heaven sent inspiration!

  2. Ah, you’ve captured the joy and majesty of the first day of fall. New beginnings are here. And, that pic by your place is tremendous. You have The EYE.

    • Amy Kay Raymond Says:

      Thank you, dear heart. I’m so grateful to be here so that I could capture the bliss of it all. This was actually taken in Chapel Hill, NC…right after a downpour. Thanks for reading! XO

  3. Carol Raymond Says:

    Whether in the darkness or in the light, the Light is there. I can see both and still KNOW. Thank you Amy, for being there and expressing TRUTH in all seasons.

    • Amy Kay Raymond Says:

      I had a hunch that this would speak to you at this time. You are Brilliant. You are taken care of. For you ARE the Light! Thank you for spreading it so generously! XO

  4. What a joyous way to start a new season and a new day.Thanks for always reminding us of our blessings.

  5. David Lee Carlson Says:

    It’s sweet to know that I can look at a riveting Arizona storm and reflect on you and the challenges you posed to me today! I deeply miss your warmth and love! I chuckled at “Maybe it’s not even darkness. What a concept.” Your humor remains and endures! Much love and kindness to you and Greg–David Lee Carlson

    • Amy Kay Raymond Says:

      David Lee, your comment melted my heart. I saw your gray skies and could smell the glorious rain in your fabulous description. I deeply miss you too, as well as your hilarious chuckle that always makes my day. :^) Thanks for spreading the love and for your eternal support and encouragement. Love and angel kisses headed your way….XO

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