Have You Seen This Chicken???

Chicken Alert: Does this shifty eyed beautifully feathered chicken look familiar to you? Has he crossed your path in a somewhat crafty manner within the last 24 hours? Have you heard his crows of “Believe me, I’m telling the truth!” over and over again? If there was a lost rooster sign in your neighborhood, would you be the first to know where he is? Finally…is this chicken YOU?!?

If so, then it is officially time to EMBRACE THE CHICKEN WITHIN. Yep, chicken dance and all.

You know what you’re afraid of. You know what you’ve been putting off. You know your excuses better than anyone. Enough of the self judgement, let’s get on with things already. Bless the fear and then put one foot in front of the other…towards the direction of your dreams.

It’s time to let the flow of life flow again. Surrender your resistance to doing new and different things and watch how your life will blossom IMMEDIATELY. Go within and see what part of your life is desperately wanting to change, right NOW. Fear is all illusion. We make it all up! Fear is not concrete, unless we believe it and welcome it into our lives as “reality.” It’s False Evidence Appearing Real. FALSE evidence. Our egos would like for us to believe the evidence is true because it believes that it’s true. But if we believe our fears and our egos…and yes, that is so easy to do sometimes…then we’ve just floated ourselves down the river without any sunscreen.

So bless the chicken within and make a new and different choice in this new moment. Comfort zone be gone! It’s a new day and a new dance is waiting…

Er Er Er Er Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Fear forward!

May blessings shower upon you now and always,







5 Responses to “Have You Seen This Chicken???”

  1. Norma Raymond Says:

    You always write exactly what it is that I need. Thanks for thinking of me so frequently, my little earth angel.

  2. Amy Kay Raymond Says:

    Thank you, my eternal Angel! I needed to hear it as well, apparently. LoL. Always thinking of you…Xo

    • Lori Scott Says:

      I simply l;ove synchronicity! AK you always hit the nail on the head. Fear is a disease! I always love your posts!!


  3. Amy Kay Raymond Says:

    Glad it hit you at the perfect time! We are always connected. :^) Thanks for reading, sweet woman.



  4. lynn nalbone Says:

    How true! A new day is dawning now that we have a beautiful new color on our house! I am psyched for change!!!!

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