Absolute Perfection

Upon awakening, this streaming spirit message came through:

What you’re looking for is Here. Don’t resist your Now. Embrace it. You’re entire path has been perfect. Settle into it. Resist the temptation to judge yourself. Comparison to others is the death of your Brilliance. Open yourself up to YOUR gifts and let them out. For that is Me, precious one, yearning to be EXPRESSED. Express simply to express. This is where your salvation lives. Want nothing more. Attachment to outcome is where your suffering lies. Focus on the Good that is here right now. Your Blessings are abundant.

Every soul’s path is Perfect. It is Theirs. It is Brilliant. It is Divine.

And so is Yours…



3 Responses to “Absolute Perfection”

  1. Upon Awakening… even those first two words of your post sing of that place of pure potential, of the opportunity we always have to actualize and BE the magnificent BEINGS we are! I read this at the perfect time today, all is in the Divine FLOW. Namaste! Trusting, Dewi

  2. Kendric Says:

    It’s so crazy how we as human beings, put so much pressure on ourselves to rise to the standards that society has made so unattainable to some. Reading this made me think I am where I am suppose to be and I’ve met who I’ve suppose to have met for a purpose …one that i’ve not yet discovered, but hopefully oppurtunity will meet fate in my favor again and my question will be answered. via con dios mamita!!!

  3. Amy Kay Raymond Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Kendric. That was beautiful!

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