Gatekeeper of Your Joy = YOU

When you look at this picture, what do you see?

I see a gorgeous blue sky, good smelling dirt, lovely sunlit trees, that familiar gravelly road that country and western singers croon about, peace, solitude, exciting adventures and a whole lotta mystery. I also find myself very curious as to what’s down that road. I want to know and I want to know now. What’s down there???

After noticing all of that Good stuff, my focus is then drawn to the rusty old gate that’s preventing me from experiencing all of the adventures down that road. Hmph. That weathered barricade is blocking me from my Joy. My freedom. THAT is what I know. Check out what else lies behind the gate. It’s appears to be a path that’s well lit at the beginning and then it seems to get a little darker on down the road.

Contemplate this:

Do you stop moving forward on your path when you can’t see the light?

Does your fear of the unknown stop you dead in your tracks?

Even though it looks darker down there along the path, if you look above the shade, there is clearly an abundance of light radiating from above. The light is there, but sometimes it’s so hard to see when we’re traveling through the shady parts. It during these times that it can be so tempting to simply quit. As two of my all time favorite New York City Unity ministers, Carlos W. Anderson and Paul Tenaglia used to say: “We continue walking THROUGH the valley. We are not camping out there.”

While contemplating this scene, it immediately becomes clear to me that this gate represents my old restrictive self. This restrictive gate represents all of my old patterns of thought, my fears, doubts, worries, my old thinking that clearly doesn’t work for me, all of my self-imposed limitations and my crafty old ways of self sabotage. These ego-based ways of being clearly block me from my blessed path to my authentic self. My Joy is always just out of reach.

This path is our life-long journey. Are you willing to unlock the gate and start walking…even if you don’t know where you’re going to end up?

What does your gate represent to you? What’s dreams are waiting for you behind your gate? What’s stopping you from experiencing your Brilliance?

Open the gate.

Walk on through.

Live your Joyful life.

YOU are the gatekeeper.

With Gratitude,



2 Responses to “Gatekeeper of Your Joy = YOU”

  1. Norma Raymond Says:

    You blow me away, precious girl. All I can say is — what gate?


  2. Amy Kay Raymond Says:

    YOU blow me away, NJ! Thank you for your eternal support. You are BRILLIANT! XO

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