“Be Boldly Brilliant” – Whaaaaa???

So let’s crack this thought wide open. The title of this blog is “Be Boldly Brilliant.” Okayyyyyy. What exactly does that mean to you? If you are thinking that being boldly brilliant means that you have to do something incredibly extraordinary and unique in this life or else you don’t deserve to be on the planet, think again. That would be brilliantly WRONG.

Oh, I’ve had this thought and this entire talk with myself many many times, don’t you worry. That’s exactly why I can write about it. So often my ego wants to put in it’s one million cents and scream, “Hey lady, what earth shattering thing did you accomplish today? Huhhhhh???” If I listen to that hell-based voice, then I’m doomed. It’s all down hill from that moment on. That old frame of mind of comparing and despairing spirals us immediately into endless guilt, shame and self doubt. What a hellacious place to live. It is in this moment that we must reply, “Thank you for sharing, but I’m doing my very best and I am going to feel Good right now, thank you very much. I AM enough, without doing jack. Got it? ” (so bite it, maestro!)

So just to clarify…being boldly brilliant does NOT mean that you have to be the next hot ticket on Oprah or be the next Youtube sensation. It simply means that shining your own individual brilliance, however you choose to shine on, is perfect…and it IS absolutely changing the world.

Brilliance personified: sharing your radiant smile, being generous with your hugs, writing that long overdue sweet note and popping in snail mail, following your heart’s guidance, taking leaps of courage, forgiving yourself and anyone you have not forgiven yet, setting a goal and going for it even if you have no idea how it’s going to happen, loving in new and creative ways, taking the first step to create a new friendship, doing the thing you think you can not do, jumping off of that bad boy cliff and LEAPING, etc…

Get it? The possibilities are endless.

All it takes is:  one. little. word.





3 Responses to ““Be Boldly Brilliant” – Whaaaaa???”

  1. Cheryl Alden Says:

    Such an unexpected pleasure to read your blog at the end of a wonderful Saturday, lady!

  2. Thanks for sharing your brilliance and being your bright light self!

  3. Aloha! I clicked on the tag “brilliance” in the WordPress.com system and found your post, lovely! I have a blog with a similar focus and am Joyed to find yours, the more BRILLIANCE, the better! Bles-Sings, Dewi Maile Lim of http://beyourbrilliance.com

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