Happy Easter!

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Easter is here.

New beginnings – – – Now!
Birdees serenading their high vibrational coded melodies
Infused with wisdom-comfort-passion
Fulfilling their purpose
Piercing the souls of those who can hear

Direct gifts from the Universe
Intentionally wafting about
Hoping to be caught and savored

The canvas of this new moment
Soft white
Giggling with anticipation
Eager to experience our perfectly imperfect versions
Of whatever makes our hearts sing

Life whispers
Heyyyyyy, why don’t you live me a little?
Or rather, dance with me a lot
I’m not around forever, ya know
Nor are the players who are dancing with you
Enjoy me while I’m here
You’ll be happy you did
Kick the tires
Get dirty
Tear it up
For these are the Good Ole Days

Faith filled tears wash away any tiny remnants of misplaced doubt
Heart wide open to the beautiful mystical plan
Arms stretched up to the sky
Soul Grateful for the wild ride

Thank you, life.





Embracing Our Brilliant Escape Artists Within

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Pain. If we’re alive, we feel it.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t want anything to do with it.

And if we’re like most, we’ve found incredibly creative ways to avoid it.

Humans are brilliant escape artists by nature. We can resist this fact or accept it.

When we’re not in alignment with our Highest selves, deep suffering ensues.


mind numbing drinks

every possible thing that even slightly resembles “love”


fame and adoration


being right, damnit!

drugs that numb out our emotions

excessive amounts of food

unhealthy food



sugar buzzes

moment by moment news fixes

constant background noise so we don’t have to face the music

having the latest and greatest gizmos

fitting in


zoning out to t.v. and the interwebs

busyness so we feel “productive”

blaming others to avoid our own stuff


These cravings gnaw on our bodies and souls and create a very intense discord within. As much as we know that indulging these cravings will never do the trick…because ummmm, have they really ever?…we will do anything to dull the pain anyway. We are so sneaky…or are we really?

The time is now to shift humanity’s old debilitating habit of believing that all the problems in the world are “out there.” The reality is that we live in a perfect universe that is reflecting of all our tumultuous inner worlds, daily. It’s time to stop the creative self deception, wake up, own up and shine the f**k on.

Absolutely nothing will ever fill this hole. Ever.

Why? It’s not real. It’s a feeling. A feeling of emptiness.

Instead of fleeing from this highly uncomfortable place, what if we choose to look at it as a grace-filled warning sign? A major red flag that’s saying: Warning! You have lost your connection to who you really are. To Source. To your highest self. Your thoughts are creating your own personal hell!

We have often been told that we all have this gaping dark hole within and we’ll be searching to fill it until we take our last breath. But what if this is just a bold faced lie? Doesn’t this thought or idea breed feelings of hopelessness? Despair? Sadness? Desperation?

Challenge these falsities and step into your ever lovin’ Bliss that’s BEGGING to dance with your Spirit.

Internal ingredients needed: Courage, Willingness, Practice.

When the pain hits, acknowledge it. Feel it. Lean into it 100%. Resist the temptation to avoid it. Instead – – – bawl, shake, sweat, rage out loud at home by yourself, feel-the-shit. Know that it’s temporary and that this too shall pass. How do we know this? It always has.

After feeling-the-shit, you will feel a shift. For some it will be subtle and for others it will be huge, depending on how deep you went with feeling the feelings. Breath into it. Now, enjoy your new found reality. You’ve earned it, big time.

3.   Acknowledge yourself for transmuting the pain.

      Seriously. this is big work!!!

      Be present to your new space and all that it’s offering you.

      Keep moving forward and don’t look back.

      Breath into where you are in this moment and trust.

      Trust that everything is unfolding for your highest good right

      here, right now.

      You are exactly where you are meant to be.

     Remember that by healing yourself, you are truly healing

     the world.

     Feeling one feeling at a time…

Healed of Strep in 1 Day – WITHOUT Antibiotics

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As an adult, I don’t get strep throat. Ever. Probably the last time I had it was when I was very little, and even then I really don’t remember the word “strep,” being bandied around our house. It was usually just a sore throat from what I now know was repressed emotions…just begging to be expressed. However, we didn’t know this back then, so I’d just take another round of antibiotics and the pain would clear up, temporarily, until the next round of unexpressed emotions would bubble up.

However, this past June 3rd -June 17th, I had a fiery burning sore throat and immense fatigue that just would not go away. Oh, it got a little better and turned from fiery to a “low grade” sore throat, but it was still there. In the background. Lingering.

Finally, I decided to haul my sick booty (I was still managing to work, though I have no idea how) to my herbalist who muscle tested me to see which herbs my body was craving. I sell these herbs, but I wasn’t sure which ones would be the most beneficial. By this time, I had lost all objectivity and just needed to know what to do. The muscle testing revealed that my body desperately wanted two different blends of herbs to support lung and respiratory health, by Nature’s Sunshine. I bought them and immediately gulped them down, expecting the best possible outcome.

But the main thing that my body was calling out for was a natural antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiprotozoal essential oil…TEA TREA OIL. We muscle tested me for that and she could not believe how strong my body’s response was to wanting it. I was told to rub it on the bottom of my feet, which I do with a variety of other oils from time to time, rest and repeat. I did just that…once again, expecting the best outcome.

That afternoon, late in the day, I had an appointment with one of my close friends who’s also a chiropractor. He heals allergies, uses kinesiology, orthopedic, blood and simple saliva tests to arrive at a diagnosis. I tested positive for strep, which I could not believe. “I don’t get strep!,” I kept repeating emphatically. I asked him if he would muscle test me to see if my body needed a traditional antibiotic. It kept saying, “NO.” Whaaaaa?!? He continued to adjust me to heal the respiratory issues associated with the strep and before I walked out the door he asked, “Do you take Liposomal Vitamin C?” This question, in turn, saved my arse. He continued to tell me that his friend cured himself of Aids by swigging this stuff. Jeez…how on earth could I not try that?

That night I swigged the Non Gmo Liposomal Vitamin C (3 yummy tasting teaspoons full over the course of 6 hours, even though he said to only take a third of a teaspoon) and I rubbed the Tea Tree Oil on the bottom of my feet and on my neck where my glands were swollen for several different rounds.

The next morning, my sore throat was GONE. Completely GONE. I decided to rest for the next couple of days so as to not relapse, but by the weekend, all I had left to do was lay low and recover my strength.

Tea Tree Oil (do NOT ingest orally), Non Gmo Liposomal Vitamin C and two combinations of respiratory herbs did the trick!

I’ve read that once your body has been treated with traditional antibiotics, then all the times that you get sick after that, it’s waiting for the antibiotic in order to heal. A vicious cycle, indeed. One that Big Pharma LOVES.

A cycle that I implore you to stop.

This, I consider to be one of the biggest successes one can achieve in their entire lifetime.

One moment at a time…:-)

In Love, Light and Perfect Health –


Helloooooo Universe? Why Exactly Am I Here?

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With so much going on in our big beautiful world today, this question above seems to be on the minds of many – weighing down the hearts and souls of some really sweet and amazing peeps.

So for the sake of kicks and giggles, can we just wholeheartedly agree to blast to smithereens this old idea that we must have some big purpose on this earth in order to live joyfully here? Please? This is some insane pressure that we’re putting on ourselves, folks. The immense suffering that comes with the belief that we must have a major purpose in order to be here, is self-defeating in every possible way.

The idea that we must KNOW what our purpose for being here is and that we must figure it all out right now, can seem so vast, heady, overwhelming and completely depressing. To make matters more intense, the blessed ego LOVES to chime in to this misery-fest and bring us down using all of it’s crafty ‘compare and despair’ tactics. Maybe some of these voices sound familiar: “Look at what so and so is doing, you should be doing that. If you’d just drastically change your entire life, then everything would be much better. You need to do something BIG, and then you would really help solve the world’s problems. You could have it all, if you just….lose 20 pounds, wake up earlier and get more done, make more money, put yourself out there more, become a better networker, work harder, join that club, get the Botox, overcome all of your fears by Friday, get in with “those” people, marry a totally different person and change yourself in every possible way because you are so completely lost and broken, etc…

The good news is that this is our programming and it is not real, UNLESS we believe it. Since we popped out of the womb, we have heard these ideas echoing back to us and they can make us feel quite inferior. The idea that we’re surely supposed to have a real, solid, concrete purpose in this world is a fallacy. This notion that we are worthless without a purpose and therefore shouldn’t be here goes against the very nature of our being. It is our Divine birthright to be here, period. If we believe anything else, then we are totally disrespecting the I AM of us all. The bottom line is that we are ENOUGH without “doing” anything.

So maybe life might feel joyful again if we shift our focus from wondering what our purpose is, to pondering ‘what makes us feel good?’

Feel good options:

Experiencing beauty and grace in the world and letting nature refuel our souls.

Bring people together and celebrate what’s right with the world.

Laugh! Dance! Sing! Try something new!

Stare out the window, stop thinking and get your daydreams on.

Walk barefoot on the earth and bask in the birdee’s sweet lullabies.

Help save the planet by signing one petition at a time.

Pick up the phone once a day and reach out to someone you love. They probably need it.

Pay it forward, with gusto.

Love yourself more so you can love others fully and completely.

Connect to your heart and follow it’s sacred guidance.


What could be better than that?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having goals to work towards and setting our intentions for what we desire in our lives. That’s what helps us get things done. However, if we are feeling worthless because of some archaic idea that we must have a big “purpose” in this life in order to exist, then maybe it’s time for a check in.

Take a few deep breaths, connect to the Present and celebrate your brilliance by affirming out loud,  “I AM enough, just as I AM and I deserve to be here.”

And so it is.

And so you do.





A Distinct Direction

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Often times we have sort of a hazy idea of where we would like to go in life and what we’d like to do, but sometimes the haze is just so thick and dense we don’t know which way is up. With all of life’s distractions coming at us a zillion miles an hour, it’s no wonder we find ourselves off course every now and then. 

How do we get out of this rut when we find ourselves in this particular scenario? Try asking yourself a few of these power questions to get the ball rolling. Just a few minutes of contemplation will help steer you back to your dreams.

1. What do you want? Seriously. What do you REALLLLLLY want?

2. Truthfully acknowledge the direction you are headed. No judgment, simply acknowledge.

3. Close your eyes, breathe, and see it happening in your mind’s eye. Do this every day for at least 3 minutes. Feel it unfolding just the way you’d like it to. You are the co-creator here, so what do you want to create?

4. What are 1-2 things that you can do today to move towards your desires?

5. If you find yourself making excuses, write them down and then put them in a bowl and burn them to pieces. They are useless to you and don’t serve you in any way.

6. Only FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO WANT! Don’t talk about all of the stuff you don’t want and don’t hang around others that do that either. This just creates more resistance and pity parties. 

7. Check in: Are your thoughts, words and actions still in alignment with your vision? 

8. Raise your chin, let go of everything that’s happened before this moment and go forth in Confidence. No one can take away your dreams unless you let them. 

9. Do one thing this week that you wouldn’t normally do, just for the FUN of it! It doesn’t have to have anything to do with your dream, but it should be FUN!  

10. Be light about it and go forth in your Joy! It’s about the journey, not the destination. 
Sending you cheers as your dreams unfold with Grace – – – 

Worry Much? Just Say “NO!”

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Are you one who tends to err on the worrying side of life? Or are you one to dip into the ole worry worry jar even occasionally? I find myself falling into this old annoying habit from time to time and it just feels awful. My conscious mind knows better than to indulge in this insanity, but sometimes it feels as though I am being sucked directly into the ole gloomy glooms.

REWIND: Last night. 12:30 a.m. For some odd reason, it was taking me awhile to fall asleep. (A rarity, I promise you.) It quickly became annoyingly obvious that my mind was adamantly looking for something to do. Argggggghhhhh! I wanted to go to sleep, not engage in a plethora of incredibly useless and worrisome thoughts. I even had the thought that I should get up and write. I talked myself pretty easily out of that one. Well, it’s no surprise that my ole monkey mind finally figured out something that it does really well: worrying. Oh we scaled many topics together and each of them had horrendously scary outcomes.  So with each subject that was being hemmed and hawed over, the sane part of me started to carve out a pathway to the Light side.

“NO,” the Light side declared.

Yep, that’s all it took. Every time my mind would start to go onto another freakishly terrifying thought or outcome, I would instantly and firmly say, “NO.” Voila. The worry would go away IMMEDIATELY and I would be instantly catapulted into the Present moment.  No ifs, ands or buts. Now that was for THAT worry. My obedient mind would obey my command and then – – –  creatively find another lovely topic to worry about. Once again, I would adamantly declare,“NO.” Poof, again. Peace. The amazing thing is that after each “NO,” this huge feeling of relief would waft over me and I was all of a sudden bathing in some incredible Zen-like energy. Wow, this “NO” stuff was working. I couldn’t help but think, “That was so…easy. All I had to say was NO?”

I should of thought of this a long time ago.

To Love is the Why

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If you are wondering what you can do today to make a difference, think no more.


Why? To LOVE. That’s it.

LOVE is the sole fabulous reason why we’re here on this planet. Despite what the media spouts, or what the ego insists upon, it’s all really very simple. LOVE. It is the most powerful remedy for all that ails on this earth. It doesn’t cost a thing – except the ego, it’s pride – and it actually feeds not only the person receiving the LOVE, but the giver. It is a win-win situation when one submits to feeling good and allows the light to shine in. For then that light is reflected outward in ways that the human mind can not even comprehend or imagine. LOVE is vast, and it never stops giving.

When we choose to LOVE, separation is instantly banished. There is no more righteousness. There is no more greed or taking sides. When we LOVE, we are actually choosing to clean up our soul-full heart-print and eradicate all insinuations that the ego even exists. This is the magic pill that we’ve all been looking for. It’s not outside of ourselves. The answer does not lie in watching the news. That just feeds the ego. The answers are not going to come from electing the “best” politician. For we all have more power within us than any one person we could possibly elect. This radiant, all encompassing goodness is pulsating within us at any given time. We just have to choose it. Ego or LOVE?

Start pooling the LOVE together from within us all and that’s when little droplets of change become massive tidal waves of healing on this plane. Search for similarities in one another vs. differences. Yes! Actively search! Focus on the intended outcome, the well being of the planet and all of it’s inhabitants – and then let the collective consciousness take the pilot’s seat. You don’t have to “do” anything. Simply allow thoughts that feel good and let the power of LOVE wash over your heart daily.

Then go out into the world and spread it around.

Purposeful acts of Loving Big.

THIS is what is going to heal the world.

One heart at a time.



What Are You Waiting For?

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Does this scene look familiar to you in any way? Are you habitually sitting on the sidelines of life wondering what to do? Wondering and wondering and wondering until your head feels like it’s about to EXPLODE? Analysis is paralysis, so stop thinking so much, get out of that head of yours and make a move! It can be any move, but just get out of the stagnant state and take a step.

The good news is: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Isn’t that exciting?!? Do you really believe that? Check in and notice if there is resistance to that statement. If so, bless it. For now your Spiritual work has been revealed. What other subconscious beliefs are swooshing about that mind of yours? All it takes is a commitment to make some kind of change in your life and then decide to do so. No evidence that it can be done is necessary. You get to create something out of nothing…and ENJOY the process of creating!

Your life is happening right NOW and these passing moments will never happen again. EVER. 

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be an artist but keep telling yourself you don’t know how to paint. Take a class, buy a DIY book, start visualizing your end masterpiece. Are you one to consistently blame your outer circumstances for the current state of your life? All it takes is a shift in perception regarding any given situation and kaboom! You’ve got your POWER back! Then there’s the question of: Do you even want your POWER back? Some subconsciously don’t because then they would have to take responsibility for the choices they’ve made. All victimhood is then banished. Hey, there is no right or wrong here, but there IS a path to feeling better and it involves accessing the power of right NOW. This is where all of the freedom is!

What movement are you going to take today towards your dreams?

Whatever it is, do it with Love. 

Do it with Joy.

Do it just to do it.

Then notice where you’ve landed and take it all in.

And – thank yourself – profusely.

Namaste ~


A New Day!

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Autumn is officially here – thank Heavens! – with all of it’s encompassing charms that are ready to bless us faithfully, once again. Beauty and change are happening externally on our planet and within all of us, individually, as our own unique imprints. It’s time to slow down. Reflect. Renew. Begin again. Soak up the autumnal beauty and receive all of the Good that’s waiting to shower us – one miracle at a time. It’s time to get ourselves ready for the new autumn light. Soft. Sweet. Muted. Beautiful. 

This photograph is an entire metaphysical book in itself. Check out those thick dark storm clouds. Are these familiar in your life? Go within and reflect. Might you be harboring any dark and heavy thought patterns that are weighing you down and stopping your Flow? Do you tend to know in your heart that there is always light behind the clouds? Or does it feel impossible to see the light even though it’s there? Are you WILLING to see your pink lining of possibilities? And if you don’t notice your possibilities right off the bat, are you willing to look for them? Where is your habitual focus? Is it on what’s not happening or is it on your desire that you would like to manifest?

What are your dark clouds? Certain destructive thoughts about others or yourself? Old habits that are growing you old before your time? Self limitations that simply are not the truth? Perhaps looking at the clouds from a different perspective might provide some relief. Investigate your perception of the “darkness.” Maybe it’s not even really darkness. What a concept! Maybe whatever is happening right now is really GOOD. Find the beauty in whatever is happening in the moment and glob onto it. For this is what IS. Divine Order unfolding as it should. 

As it was meant to be.

Happy Autumn~





Have You Seen This Chicken???

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Chicken Alert: Does this shifty eyed beautifully feathered chicken look familiar to you? Has he crossed your path in a somewhat crafty manner within the last 24 hours? Have you heard his crows of “Believe me, I’m telling the truth!” over and over again? If there was a lost rooster sign in your neighborhood, would you be the first to know where he is? Finally…is this chicken YOU?!?

If so, then it is officially time to EMBRACE THE CHICKEN WITHIN. Yep, chicken dance and all.

You know what you’re afraid of. You know what you’ve been putting off. You know your excuses better than anyone. Enough of the self judgement, let’s get on with things already. Bless the fear and then put one foot in front of the other…towards the direction of your dreams.

It’s time to let the flow of life flow again. Surrender your resistance to doing new and different things and watch how your life will blossom IMMEDIATELY. Go within and see what part of your life is desperately wanting to change, right NOW. Fear is all illusion. We make it all up! Fear is not concrete, unless we believe it and welcome it into our lives as “reality.” It’s False Evidence Appearing Real. FALSE evidence. Our egos would like for us to believe the evidence is true because it believes that it’s true. But if we believe our fears and our egos…and yes, that is so easy to do sometimes…then we’ve just floated ourselves down the river without any sunscreen.

So bless the chicken within and make a new and different choice in this new moment. Comfort zone be gone! It’s a new day and a new dance is waiting…

Er Er Er Er Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Fear forward!

May blessings shower upon you now and always,






Wondering About Your Purpose?

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Check out this bucket of Beauty. Is this not a whiff of Heaven or what?!?

Upon awakening, this streaming Spirit message came through…on Purpose…about Purpose:

Dear Ones,

Your Purpose is to breathe

Your Purpose is to be here Now and settle into this moment

Your Purpose is to be a vessel for Light to shine through

Your Purpose is to LOVE big

Your Purpose is to trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should

Your Purpose is to savor the silence, for this is where I dwell

Your Purpose is to Give your best to the world

Your Purpose is to focus on the Good happening in every moment

Your Purpose is to find Me in EVERYTHING and celebrate all of it

Your Purpose is to laugh, remember who you really are and spread the Light

Your Purpose is to leave this day better than you found it

Shine on, sweet ones. Shine on.

Life Happens – Suffering is Optional

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Walking towards the Light.

Up, down, around, backwards, belly up, upside down, sideways. Weeeeeeee! Yep, such is this thing called Life.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, this journey can be quite a trip. There are so many unexpected and expected twists and turns. The laughable thing is that we try to plan for them, protect ourself from them, guesstimate when things are going to happen – if they ever even do, and often we even take huge unnecessary precautions to try and safeguard ourselves from the inevitable…pain. How long we experience the pain, now that’s up to us entirely. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude certainly is a huge gift to ourselves and everyone else around us. Gratitude dissipates so much of the pain, instantly.

One sure thing about life is it’s unpredictability. Having a strong and balanced body, mind and spirit definitely provides a solid foundation for when life takes it’s turns. Freeing ourselves of addictions – physically, mentally and emotionally – is such a huge part of our work here on the planet. Shedding all that is not vibrant, loving, peaceful and compassionate inside of ourselves will definitely propel us faster and farther along the Spiritual path.

One addiction that is viral on planet Earth = suffering. We are so creative! We are brilliant masters of this pain game. We have cultivated countless ways of suffering…so many, it’s hard to even count. Our systems can somehow tolerate gigantic amounts of misery because we are so used to it. Shockingly enough, we don’t even realize most of the time that we are suffering. Our tolerance for the blues has simply become the norm. The question is why are we tolerating when we could be beaming with joy?

Suffering alert: If you feel icky more than you feel Joyful, then you might have an addiction to suffering.  

Here’s a fun an interesting challenge: Notice today what emotional path you are going down the most. Then notice once you’ve gone down the given path if you are choosing to camp out there or move on. Is your usual path one of  Joy or is it one of Suffering? Refrain from self judgements about this. That’s just more suffering. Just notice.

Becoming aware of what we emanate the most is key to expanding and shifting our consciousness. If your dominant intent is to feel Good, then look for things that make you feel Good. Taking in nature, beauty, hanging out with joyful people, contributing your gifts and talents, giving and receiving love, etc… These thing have a way of upping our feel Good factor quickly.

Doh! Stop the misery train! Refrain from indulging the ego in that negative conversation. Turn off the toxic “news.” Stop checking out that accident that’s holding up traffic. Halt any habitual obsessing about the past, present or future. Connect to the present moment and take in all of it’s wonders. When we do this, that’s when we are going to attract the Good stuff. When we feel Good, we are vibrating with our higher power. Feeling Good = Attracting Good stuff. Always.

Hey, be easy on yourself!  You’ve probably been operating, like most of us, a certain way for a very long time. It takes a vision, some time and determined effort to switch over to the path of Light. Once you start practicing feeling Good, it will become your new habit. Your new way of being. 

And when you hit a bump of suffering, you can remember: Hey, wait…this suffering stuff is Optional!

One smile at a time.

Enjoy the journey.

It’s why we’re here!



Heaven is Where Your Feet Are

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Here is a slice of Heaven that my heart was led to find this week. I’m so glad I listened!

A Streaming Spirit Message for You:

Dear One,

Be discerning with your energy – – – choose carefully where you choose to place it, for it is precious

Trust that none of what is happening is by accident

Everything is unfolding for your Highest Good

Right Here. Right Now.

Open up your mind to receive your Good

Let go of the need to “know” what your life is going to look like

Bless the way it is Today

Allow room for joyful unexpected blessings!

Follow your heart and create the life you so desire

Be open to your desires changing and changing quickly

Speak your Truth with confidence and conviction

For that is Me, beaming through you

Create your own slice of Heaven with every step you take

Your Divine Appointment is to spread the Light with reckless abandon

Release the trappings of your mind to the wind

For all that truly matters is Love

Give it away and enjoy the magical unfolding of your Life

Be not afraid to walk the road less travelled

For I am with you, Always, in every way.

And so it is.

Paradise is a Choice

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Wow! This morning is so phenomenally beautiful. Just another day in Paradise…isn’t it? The birds are singing, the sun is beaming, the Heavenly scents of blooming flowers are wafting through the air and we have infinite resources at our fingertips. Oh, and people are Good. At least that’s what I’m choosing to focus on today. Cuz that just feels Good and brings even more Good stuff our way.

Hey, the fact that we woke up at all is a very telling thing. I’m thinkin’ that means that something higher than ourselves still wants us here. There’s still a Divine Appointment that we’re meant to keep. We’ve still got work to do…or actually, there’s still play time to experience.

If your moment by moment existence is not exactly Heavenly then perhaps today is the day to make a shift towards the reality that you desire. Just doing one thing differently on this gorgeous day could spin you in a whole other direction.

Used to eating a lot of sugar everyday? Choose again. No time for exercise? Choose to make some. Feeling weighed down by an old habit of negative thinking? Choose to see the positive sides of things instead. Break the cycle of the old way of doing things. One little step is all it takes. Afraid to take that class for fear of blah, blah, blah? Just freakin’ sign up already!

When we want something, that something wants you. It is put there – ON PURPOSE – by Spirit. And who the heck are we to dis Spirit? Helllllllooooooo. How our desires fulfill themselves is none of our business! We do not have to know the how. We just have to take a step towards our Joy and see what happens next. Our silent partner has more ways of bringing our Good to us that we even know.  Ahhhhh, what a relief. And yes, we CAN actually trust this. Trust is, after all, a choice.

Hey, here’s a radical thought to think today: The Universe is always conspiring for my Good.

Check in with your sweet self. How does that thought feel?

Or what about this one: I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with fabulous INCREASE. (Yeah! Now we’re talkin’!)

Why not think something different today? Spring represents new beginnings, so now is the perfect time.

Well, that’s what I have to say this morning.

Now…I’m off to experience Paradise.

Care to join me?

Light Vs. Dark – Where Do You Go?

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This view was absolutely breathtaking this morning. What an awesome way to wake up…with a heart full of Gratitude.

With all of the um, ‘interesting’, things happening on our planet right now, we are being given a plethora of opportunities to choose what we’re going to focus on. When you look at this picture, where do you automatically focus? Do you think about a storm or bad weather that might be on the way? Do you lean towards the light and see the good that is bursting into existence? Maybe you might notice the stark contrast and that illicits immense Gratitude for both?

There is no right or wrong here. It’s just a great opportunity to become aware, once again, of our vision and what we’re choosing to see. Immediately after taking the picture, a pretty inspiring thing happened. I was standing in the midst of a glorious symphony of birdie voices. Joyous birdies were chirping, singing and hopping around happily. Then out of nowhere came loud sirens at the exact same time.

It became incredibly apparent to me that at that moment I had a choice. Wanting peace and beauty, I chose to focus on the light-the joy-the symphony-the Heaven. This put me in a space of total bliss and high vibration, despite the contradicting background noise. It literally felt like I was in another dimension…in between two worlds. When I chose the peace filled world…at that very moment… all sounds of sirens ceased. Hell dissipated instantly. There were no sirens to be heard. There weren’t even trailing siren sounds wafting off in the far distance. Instant peace.

It makes me think, once again, about what would happen on the planet if all of us focused on the Good things happening?

There’s a new world waiting to be discovered, celebrated and savored.

THIS is the new paradigm.

Let the sun shine. Let the sun shine in…

Feel Good Now – The Sky’s The Limit!

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Expansion of Consciousness alert!

This just in from the front lines of Operation Transformation 2011

It’s no secret that many of our greatest spiritual teachers today are talking about our thoughts and how important it is to be aware of what we’re thinking. It’s said that if we don’t like our current reality, we need to change our thoughts. However, during these 3 years of vigilantly exercising this wisdom, a piece of the puzzle has been missing for me.  My mind is well aware of the truth that our thoughts create our feelings. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to change my thoughts if my mind is going a million miles an hour. Where to begin?

First of all, it is important to remember that we have behaved certain ways our entire lives and these behaviors have formed patterns. Then boom! All of a sudden we learn something reality shattering that totally contradicts everything we’ve ever known. We learn that we don’t have to believe our thoughts. WHAT A CONCEPT! A thought is just a thought until we believe it. Only then it becomes a belief. Our thoughts are just…thoughts. If you don’t like what you’re thinking, change your thought.

I wrestled this whole concept to the ground on most days and it became apparent to me that I was the classic flip flopper. Some days I was successful during certain moments and on other days, I felt completely overwhelmed and unequipped to create my own happiness. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing the wisdom that can propel us out of hell, but not being able to apply it because of…well, we don’t freakin’ know why!

I worked this whole new ideology inside and out, up, backwards and down. The word “worked” should of been my first clue. There wasn’t a lot of play involved. I was very intent about getting this whole thing “right.” In other words…I was trying wayyyyy too hard. I knew something was off by observing my external reality: My Life. I could not make this ideology work consistently and my life reflected that.  Up, down. Up, down. I couldn’t get happy by simply changing my thoughts. At least, I couldn’t STAY happy. However, now I think by trial and trial, I have finally figured out the key. This is a moment-at-a-time Spiritual practice. Let me also say this: MASSIVE self discipline is required.


The thoughts create the feelings, clearly. But rather than trying to change all of our zillions of thoughts, do this: Pay attention to the FEELINGS that your thoughts are generating.

If you feel off the mark, which is what ‘sin’ means, literally…when you think or express a certain thought…change it.  STOP TALKING. Stop telling that horrible story. Stop that complaint that so badly wants to be heard. Stop watching the news. Stop talking about what you don’t want to happen. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else on the planet. Bite your tongue, pinch your wrist or do whatever you have to do.

Next order of business: latch onto another thought…a thought that makes you feel Good. It doesn’t matter what it is or how you get there. It can be recalling a joyful memory. It can be savoring the amazing smells wafting through the air at that exact moment. Try talking about what you DO want to manifest in your life and why! Or simply connect to your breath and be Grateful that you have the ability to breathe and breathe deep at that. Anything that gets you from point B – the icky feeling, back to point A – the feeling that just feels Good. No one has to know your process. It’s nobody’s business what gets you back to Heaven…only yours.

I am no spiritual master, obviously. Heyyyy, wait. Delete that thought. Saying that instantly made my energy go down. Believing that made me feel like I’ve got a longgggggg way to go. Take two: I am a Master in the making. Yes! There it is. Hey, why not? My vibration was instantly raised by thinking that thought.

What thought feels Good for YOU to think right now?

Are you willing to allow yourself to feel Good?

Come on…you deserve it.

Oops, there it is!

Absolute Perfection

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Upon awakening, this streaming spirit message came through:

What you’re looking for is Here. Don’t resist your Now. Embrace it. You’re entire path has been perfect. Settle into it. Resist the temptation to judge yourself. Comparison to others is the death of your Brilliance. Open yourself up to YOUR gifts and let them out. For that is Me, precious one, yearning to be EXPRESSED. Express simply to express. This is where your salvation lives. Want nothing more. Attachment to outcome is where your suffering lies. Focus on the Good that is here right now. Your Blessings are abundant.

Every soul’s path is Perfect. It is Theirs. It is Brilliant. It is Divine.

And so is Yours…


Gatekeeper of Your Joy = YOU

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When you look at this picture, what do you see?

I see a gorgeous blue sky, good smelling dirt, lovely sunlit trees, that familiar gravelly road that country and western singers croon about, peace, solitude, exciting adventures and a whole lotta mystery. I also find myself very curious as to what’s down that road. I want to know and I want to know now. What’s down there???

After noticing all of that Good stuff, my focus is then drawn to the rusty old gate that’s preventing me from experiencing all of the adventures down that road. Hmph. That weathered barricade is blocking me from my Joy. My freedom. THAT is what I know. Check out what else lies behind the gate. It’s appears to be a path that’s well lit at the beginning and then it seems to get a little darker on down the road.

Contemplate this:

Do you stop moving forward on your path when you can’t see the light?

Does your fear of the unknown stop you dead in your tracks?

Even though it looks darker down there along the path, if you look above the shade, there is clearly an abundance of light radiating from above. The light is there, but sometimes it’s so hard to see when we’re traveling through the shady parts. It during these times that it can be so tempting to simply quit. As two of my all time favorite New York City Unity ministers, Carlos W. Anderson and Paul Tenaglia used to say: “We continue walking THROUGH the valley. We are not camping out there.”

While contemplating this scene, it immediately becomes clear to me that this gate represents my old restrictive self. This restrictive gate represents all of my old patterns of thought, my fears, doubts, worries, my old thinking that clearly doesn’t work for me, all of my self-imposed limitations and my crafty old ways of self sabotage. These ego-based ways of being clearly block me from my blessed path to my authentic self. My Joy is always just out of reach.

This path is our life-long journey. Are you willing to unlock the gate and start walking…even if you don’t know where you’re going to end up?

What does your gate represent to you? What’s dreams are waiting for you behind your gate? What’s stopping you from experiencing your Brilliance?

Open the gate.

Walk on through.

Live your Joyful life.

YOU are the gatekeeper.

With Gratitude,


The Beauty of Now

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The picture above is one I took recently on an afternoon hike. The beauty of it all gives me goosebumps, everytime.

The verse below came through me after meditation this morning. I could keep it to myself, but maybe this is what you needed to hear today too?


Go forth, little one. Seek and ye shall find. Everything you are looking for is here, diguised by a thin veil of illusion. It’s all here for you. Only look for the Good…in everyone and everything. This is where your salvation lies. Raise your chin, feel the beauty of you and then bathe in the beauty that’s all around you.

Listen to the birds’ lullabies of love. They are singing to you and telling you to rejoice! For life is here, right now. And it is beautiful.

Open yourself up and drink it all in.

This is your Heaven.

“Be Boldly Brilliant” – Whaaaaa???

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So let’s crack this thought wide open. The title of this blog is “Be Boldly Brilliant.” Okayyyyyy. What exactly does that mean to you? If you are thinking that being boldly brilliant means that you have to do something incredibly extraordinary and unique in this life or else you don’t deserve to be on the planet, think again. That would be brilliantly WRONG.

Oh, I’ve had this thought and this entire talk with myself many many times, don’t you worry. That’s exactly why I can write about it. So often my ego wants to put in it’s one million cents and scream, “Hey lady, what earth shattering thing did you accomplish today? Huhhhhh???” If I listen to that hell-based voice, then I’m doomed. It’s all down hill from that moment on. That old frame of mind of comparing and despairing spirals us immediately into endless guilt, shame and self doubt. What a hellacious place to live. It is in this moment that we must reply, “Thank you for sharing, but I’m doing my very best and I am going to feel Good right now, thank you very much. I AM enough, without doing jack. Got it? ” (so bite it, maestro!)

So just to clarify…being boldly brilliant does NOT mean that you have to be the next hot ticket on Oprah or be the next Youtube sensation. It simply means that shining your own individual brilliance, however you choose to shine on, is perfect…and it IS absolutely changing the world.

Brilliance personified: sharing your radiant smile, being generous with your hugs, writing that long overdue sweet note and popping in snail mail, following your heart’s guidance, taking leaps of courage, forgiving yourself and anyone you have not forgiven yet, setting a goal and going for it even if you have no idea how it’s going to happen, loving in new and creative ways, taking the first step to create a new friendship, doing the thing you think you can not do, jumping off of that bad boy cliff and LEAPING, etc…

Get it? The possibilities are endless.

All it takes is:  one. little. word.




Back to the Present

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Check in with your mind. Right here. Right now. What’s going on in there? Thinking about tomorrow? Or next week? Or next year? Or anytime besides right NOW? If you are, here is a friendly reminder that it’s time to get BACK TO THE PRESENT!

If you are venturing into far and distant lands, are you finding much value in that? Notice what feelings are coming up when you go there. Is it anxiety? Fear? Doubt? Worry? If so, this is most likely a familiar place of being. You’ve probably been doing this for most of your life. If so, who cares? If the Present moment is all we have, then what difference does it make what we’ve been doing in the past? Awareness is the first step. If you are aware of what is pulling you out of your glorious Present, then that is a big huge GIFT.  So many times, it’s because we are projecting into the future. And hey, guess what…there is no future! (That’s right ego, there’s not, so HA!)

A very helpful way to come back to the Present, is connecting to the breath. When we meditate and focus on the breath, it is literally impossible to have a thought. For those incredibly busy monkey minds out there, no thoughts = HEAVEN.  No thoughts = Relief. No thoughts = an empty Vessel ready for Spirit’s voice. Ahhhhh, this is where the good stuff lives and the birthing place of all Creation. Can you stand it?

Keep a pad and a pen near your meditation spot. For it is imperative to have these tools immediately accessible to record all of your realizations, creative ideas, and guidance from Spirit. If we don’t, the surface mind will happily do it’s job of convincing us that those weren’t really great ideas anyway and chop, chop…it’s time to get a move on. Just tell your oh-so-unhelpful ego to shove a bun in it and then take your time bringing your awareness back into the room. Access deep Gratitude for your life and for all of the beauty happening on this planet. Then, put your smile on and go forth into your new found Awareness.

You are the LIGHT.

Now go spread it around!

With deepest Gratitude,


It’s All in the Eyes

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So many days on this earth we spend going about our business, heads buried in our Blackberrys and cell phones, minds racing faster than a speeding bullet and our bodies dashing about from here to there. Our brains are inundated with the oh-so-uplifting media, we’ve got appointments to keep, commitments to make, meetings to attend and lo and behold, we have the lovely task of deciding what we’re going to have for dinner….and creating it, on top of that!

With all of this going on, and much more, it’s easy to see how one might float around on auto pilot. But do we really want to go about the remainder of lives this way? Is this a fulfilling way of being? Has going about life in this habitual manner perpetuated the life that we want?  Is this adding to the quality of our relationships or is it taking away? We know in our hearts how important it is to be Present, but do we really know how to do that? Well, if you’ve read Eckhart Tolle’s, “The Power of Now,”  you probably have a good idea of what all is involved in this getting Present stuff. If you haven’t read that, I highly recommend it.

There are many ways one can go about getting connected to the Present moment. One of the most powerful methods is to simply focus on your breathing. Sounds easy enough, yes?  You can do that while sitting, standing, walking, running, lying down etc…  We have been given this gift, not just for the physiological necessity of having glorious oxygen nourish our cells, but for the psychological gift of….becoming PRESENT!

Getting Present, first, is key. No matter how you get there, Just Do It. Connect to the beauty of this moment. Then…and this part will absolutely change your life…connect with people in the eyes. Of course, those near and dear to you will absolutely appreciate and savor this luxurious gift. However, connecting with people whom you don’t know, in the eyes, is where Heaven on earth lives. When we are present to the Present, this connecting to others is effortless and joyous. The outcome of you doing this will blow your mind, your ego and all of your old shut down patterns out of the water.

Looking in other’s eyes with Love, will transform not only your life, but the lives of those around you. People know when you are really there with them and when you are, we all know in our hearts what a truly wonderful thing that is. We feel loved, we feel heard, we feel accepted and we feel blessed.

Think of it as double gifting. You are gifting yourself with this willingness to connect, and you are gifting the world by shining radiant Love through your eyes. Talk about an Abundant way to live.  How many people are you willing to tag with your Love today?

Tag, you’re it!

You Are the Light of The World

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Do you have any idea of how much luminous Brilliance lies within you? Do you even have an inkling of how Whole, Perfect and Magnificent you are in this very moment? Well, do you?!? If you do, for the sake of the world, please continue to know this truth about you. We need you! If you are not familiar with these gifts that are lying dormant within, let me gently remind you that they are indeed, there. And they desperately want to be let outside so they can Play.

Most of us really have no idea of how powerful this radiant Light actually is. There are those who keep looking for the light outside of themselves, never tapping into the wellspring of their own. These folks, no judgment, are usually the victims of the bunch due to the fact that they consistently want the outside world to provide them with their happiness. They are waiting upon the circumstances to align just perfectly before they can revel in their goodness. What a dangerous place this can be. Leaving your Joy up to the world? Yikes!

Then there are others who suspect that this powerful Light within is there, but they have not befriended that place within them yet. They know that something special is within them, but aren’t quite sure what it is and just how to let it out. Therefore, their beaming light is kept in the dark and it is patiently waiting to be introduced to the world.

There is the let’s say, sporadic bunch, who have tapped into this Light off and on throughout their lives, but haven’t been able to maintain this steady stream.  They have smatterings of Joy here and there, but have no idea of how to keep that Light within them burning. These folks are the manics, who when tapped into their Wholeness, they are on top of the world. When they are disconnected from this magnificent playground, they have a tendency to dive deeply into despair.

And then there are those that KNOW they are the Light and they own it, embrace it and share it freely with love, enthusiasm, generosity and confidence. This is their commitment to themselves and to the planet. They know that it’s their job to light up the room wherever they go, and so they do so. They know that they can not be stingy with these God given gifts, because that would be dissing God. And they know that whatever vibration they are resonating at, the world is going to reflect back to them at that very vibration. They are Selfish, (capital S for being connected to their highest self) in the fact that they want to feel good. They know the key is that when they are feeling good, others feel good. They are allowing their good to flow to them by beaming that Light.  And they know that their Happiness is the greatest gift that they can give to this incredibly awesome planet that we are all taking up space on, temporarily. What a beautiful legacy.

Which camp do you fall into?

Pssst, it’s a new moment….